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 Kinney Law is an innovative, technology-centered law firm that offers litigation services to individual and business clients in Omaha, Nebraska. The firm focuses on using the latest communication applications to offer an unprecedented amount of service to its clients. The lawyers at Kinney Law are actively engaged in a variety of practice areas, including divorce, business litigation, estate planning, corporate formation, privacy litigation, personal injury and general litigation.

Nebraska Divorce Law

If you have contacted Kinney Law related to a dissolution of marriage, you will find that this website is largely devoted to helping you understand the process of
divorce in Nebraska. Our mission in providing you with legal services for your divorce could be summarized as follows: We want to assure you that we can provide aggressive representation for your Nebraska divorce without the type of lawyering that escalates conflict. We try to be creative and solution-oriented, but we are very willing to pack our briefcases and go to court. We understand that we walk a fine line in this regard, but we also believe that divorce is life-altering and that you deserve representation that provides you with a variety of options and techniques for getting the case closed. We do not bill hourly, but instead focus our attention each day on moving your Nebraska divorce case forward. We will agree in writing on all of your fees before your case even begins. There will be no surprises with your bill and no fear in contacting our office because of what it may cost. We use some of the best client-management software and communication technologies available for Nebraska divorces. Our staff is devoted to providing you with good information and a high level of service as your case progresses.

Divorce is different here. The healing process can move forward only when your lawyer is willing to listen.

Please use these pages for information, but not for legal advice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Privacy Law

Kinney Law recently established precedent in the area of protecting privacy rights in a Nebraska case known as Lewton et al. v. Divingnzzo et al.  This federal case can be found at 772 F.Supp.2d 1046 (D. Neb., 2011).** The case represents one of the only reported significant money judgments against individuals for violation of the federal wiretap act arising out of a custody dispute. Since that time, Kinney Law has initiated a new wiretap case in the State of Texas, offered expert testimony in Nevada, and is continuing to communicate with potential clients and lawyers around the nation concerning wiretap issues and GPS (invasion of privacy) cases.

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